Watch: Rescuers Save A Dog Whose Paw Is Caught In An Animal Trap.

Removing the deadly trap that was crushing Francis’s paw and freeing him from the excruciating pain it was causing him felt so good. But then his recovery felt even better.

Animal Aid’s helpline got a call about a dog whose paw was caught in an animal trap used to kill rabbits and other small animals. When they arrived at the scene of the accident, they saw the distraught dog, running around with the trap that had ensnared his paw.

Francis, as the dog was named, was quickly taken into surgery and the trap was removed. The damage, however, had already been done: his paw was destroyed and his leg had to be amputated. Then the recovery began. Surrounded with all of his new friends at the shelter, Francis quickly improved and was soon playing with the other dogs.

1. Rescuers save a dog whose paw is caught in an animal trap.

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