Watch: Samoyed Puppies Doing What They Are Meant To Do: Be Impossibly Cute!

Reddit user therandom99 shared an awesome GIF of an incredibly cute Samoyed puppy under a rather bold headline: The cutest GIF I’ve ever seen on this site.

And judging by the view count — 810,000 in just 17 hours — it is safe to assume that many others agree with that statement.

Sure enough, though, many other users have set out to prove that there are cuter images out there, inundating the comments section with links to GIFs and videos not only of Samoyed puppies, but other canine breeds, as well as kittens. Here are my pics of the greatest in Samoyed cuteness!

1. Extremely cute Samoyed puppies playing.

A Samoyed puppy doing tricks.

Samoyed puppies (37-days-old) — manners.

A Samoyed puppy and a baby.

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