Watch: The Biggest Bear Cub Pile-Up Ever!

What better way to brighten up your day than with a hilarious image of a bunch of cute bear cubs frolicking around and managing to get themselves into the most unimaginably funny position?!

The bear cubs seen in the images and video below live at Bearizona — a wildlife park and aquarium in Williams, Arizona. We see several young bear cubs perfectly aligned behind one another, with their paws placed over each other’s shoulders, and carefully grooming one another’s coat and ears. This is such a scene to watch!

Onlookers are of course in love with what they see, one of them saying that this is the “the cutest thing”! Needless to say, the video has become an instant internet sensation and you’ll love it, too.

1. The biggest bear cub pile-up ever!

This image from Bearizona’s social media archives shows a real bear cub pileup.

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