Watch: The Moment A Pit Bull Puppy Is Reunited With His Rescuer…

This Pit Bull puppy was severely ill and dying when he was rescued by Joey Wagner, a marine animal rescuer from Nova Scotia. Fortunately, the puppy survived and was overjoyed when he was reunited with his savior in a heartwarming moment captured on video.

Mr. Wagner found the mange-infested pup and promptly brought him to a vet for some much-needed care. The puppy is now named Mojo, although it is not clear how he got his name.

The video shows Mojo, hairless and shivering, being overcome with joy when he saw Wagner. To make the story perfect, Wagner was there to pick Mojo up and take him home, for he decided to keep him.

1. A Pit Bull puppy is happy to be reunited with his rescuer.

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