Watch: This Cat ‘Adopts’ And Cares For A Blind And Partially Deaf Dog.

National Geographic has broadcast the incredible story of two unlikely friends. We meet 14-year-old Tervel the dog who is blind and partially deaf. Afraid of getting hurt, because he couldn’t see where he was going, Tervel rarely leaves the comfort of his bed.

But Tervel’s life changes forever when Pudditat, a stray cat who “is not very nice with other cats” enters his life. Amazingly, Pudditat becomes his best friend. Tervel prefers Pudditat to any other cat, who will seek him out and snuggle up to him.

Astonishingly, Puddidat also becomes blind Tervel’s guide, walking before him when the two go out for a walk and the dog following his friend. It is such an incredible sight.

1. An unbreakable furry bond.

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