Watch: This Dog And The Duckling Got Off To A Rocky Start But Are Now Inseparable!

Who would have thought that a duck and a dog would become best friends? Well, these two did and are now inseparable, though it should be noted that their relationship took time to develop. As you will see in the images and videos that follow, things didn’t go smoothly at the beginning.

So, the heroes of the story are Occy the Golden Retriever and Biggie the duckling from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. You will see Occy doing his best to bond with Biggie who proceeds to reject every advance, pecking him and, at one point pinning him to the ground.

Fast-forward to today, however, and the story is very different. Frances Marsh, the couple’s owner, says that Occy and Biggie are now inseparable. And sure enough, the second video of the couple shows them happily playing together in a paddling pool and the garden.

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