Watch: Toby The Monkey Consoles His Sad Friend Angelica And It Is As Human As It Gets!

An incredibly human-like scene has been captured on video at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Florida. It shows a monkey consoling his sad friend in a way each of us would immediately recognize as human.

Angelica was filmed at her enclosure at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, mournfully putting one hand to her eyes. Thankfully, however, she had someone to console her and we see Toby coming to the rescue with a bit of loving.

Toby gently puts his arm around his pal and proceeds to give her shoulders a massage. It is unknown why Angelica was upset, but perhaps it had something to do with the outfit she was wearing — she and Toby are dressed in miniature summer ensembles.

1. Toby the Capuchin monkey consoles his sad friend Angelica.

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