Wednesday’s Aww: ‘Not Sure If My New Puppy Isn’t A Baby Polar Bear.’

Viral Spell’s Wednesday’s Aww gives you the cutest little pet you can hope to meet. The only problem is that it isn’t clear whether it’s a puppy or a baby polar bear.

You will then witness one Bulldog’s struggle to get his bone through the doggie door… And it is quite a challenge!

And then you will watch one Corgi puppy being, well, a Corgi puppy. Except this one has something in common with tortoises: once he rolls on his back, he can’t seem to get back on all fours…

1. “Not sure if my new puppy isn’t a baby polar bear.”

Wednesday's Aww: 'Not Sure If My New Puppy Isn't A Baby Polar Bear.'

Wednesday’s aww.