Wednesday’s Cutest: ‘I Love You, Too, Big Furless Creature!’

Viral Spell’s Wednesday’s Cutest gives you the heartwarming sight of a clouded leopard cub snuggling with his carer and looking her lovingly into the eyes…

Then you will be reminded that all kids love Mickey Mouse…

And before long you will meet a Pug which is a master of balloon juggling.

1. “I love you, too, big furless creature!”

Wednesday's Cutest: 'I Love You, Too, Big Furless Creature!'

Clouded leopard cubs are gorgeous — here is another proof:

Sunday's Cutest: A Baby Clouded Leopard Is Laying A Trap For Us All...

And here are two other cubs:

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And these four clouded leopard cubs were born at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium:

Today’s Aww.