What Happens When You Introduce A Box Of Packing Peanuts To A Pair Of Ferrets? Well, It’s Indescribable…

A Reddit user points us to a hilarious video of two ferrets enthusiastically exploring their new litter box. Kathryn Smith, the YouTube user who uploaded the hilarious video, explains what’s going on:

Simon and Garfunkel, our 2 ferrets, playing for the first time in packing peanuts.

But no words can possibly describe the action — I will not even attempt it.

Before we move on to the video, though, here is what one commenter thought we should know about ferrets:

They are litter trained. However, they only poop in corners so you need a litter box with high corners or they will poop right over the edge. If you let them run around a big house and you don’t have them specifically trained to go looking for the box, they will just poop in any corner. They’re smart in many ways but they’re kind of like cats and don’t care to listen. You’re more instilling habits into them rather than training.

Now here is the video itself:

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