Will This Guy Make It? Could You?

Kiiking is a sport that was invented in Estonia by a guy named Ado Kosk around 1996. In the Estonian language, kiik means a swing and the objective is to swing 360 degrees using your own momentum.

The kiiker is fastened to the base of the swing by her feet. Then she begins to pump by squatting and standing up on the swing, which gradually gains momentum until, if the kiiker is skilful enough, it goes over the fulcrum.

Now, the difficulty comes from the length of arms that are used to swing. And these are made not out of rope but out of steel.

The current Guinness World Record is 7.03 meters (23.06 ft.) and it was set in 2012 by Estonian Ants Tamme. The American record is 5.31 meters (17.42 ft.), set by Matt Dart from Georgia.

I think that kiiking should be an Olympic sport, don’t you?

So do you think this guy will make it?

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